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Inexpensive Colleges in Connecticut

While some students can attend an expensive college and receive substantial grants, awards, scholarships or other financial aid, not all students are so fortunate.

Here are a few of the least expensive schools in the state. (Most are two-year colleges.)

Norwalk Community College is a two-year school in Norwalk.

Capital Community College is right in the heart of Hartford.

Naugatuck Valley Community College is located in Waterbury.

If you are interested in earning your bachelor's degree, you could attend one of these schools for two years, then transfer your earned credits to a four-year college and finish your junior and senior years there.

Many students are taking this strategy now in order to make the cost of a college degree more reasonable.

There are some roadblocks to going the community college route, however.

First, you should do some research and find out if your four-year school will accept all of the credits you earned at your community college. Usually, public colleges will accept all your earned credits from a community college that is in the same state. Some colleges and community colleges work together on this.

But many private universities will have different rules, so you should check into that first.

This is important in a state such as Connecticut, where the list of public colleges is somewhat limited.

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