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Three Practical Tips for Pursuing a Culinary Arts Career
1. You don't have to spend four years at a culinary arts school, but you do need some formal education.
2. You don't need to enroll at a fancy European cooking school.
3. Most schools help their students find paid positions at local restaurants.

Connecticut College Options
It isn't too hard to find a really good college or school in Connecticut. There are some universities, technical institutes and colleges serving residents of Connecticut.

Deciding upon just the right college to apply to takes some time though. Your decision could very well impact your work and personal future.

Students giving a big thumbs up The perfect college will offer the category of programs a student is searching for, plus it should have several benefits that the student really appreciate, such as affordable tuition and handy online classroom training options.

Most young students do not have the funds to go to Trinity College or another expensive university, yet there are a handful of high-quality economical possibilities, including regional community colleges, moderately priced universities like Southern Connecticut State University and trusted online school options.

From New London to New Milford, from Hartford to Bridgeport and from Stamford to New Haven, students around the state are enrolling in online classes and working towards degrees in Communications, Computer Technology, Legal, Education, History, Mathematics, Health Care, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Languages and lots more.

Career-minded East-Coast students right now are recognizing that the greater education and preparation they have, the better their career possibilities are going to be. So most students are not happy with settling for just a high school diploma.

And once these young people have firmly launched their work careers, they are continually pressing hard with their schooling with professional classes or even graduate work, usually undertaken while they continue to work full time.

Oregon Schools

( — Aug 30, 2013) Portland, OR — Oregon Online College, a new web-based college student education resource website, is open for business. is a new website which is dedicated to discussing higher education topics and vocational training in the state of Oregon. To get more information, visit

To read the entire press release — click here.

Animation Degrees

You can earn an associate's degree in two years or less. Most associate degrees are offered through public community colleges, vocational institutes or trade schools.

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College Review Website Anniversary


Online Degrees Guide is celebrating 10 years of helping prospective college students find information on schools and make better education and career choices.

For the past 10 years, Online Degrees Guide has been helping people find information on schools and career training programs in North America. The website's manager David Hanson said, "Of course I'm a little bit surprised that the site lasted this long. And, to be honest, I'm a little surprised that I'm still here running it, but I'm very proud that visitors are still coming to the site and that we are helping them out a little bit."

"Deciding on a career path and which school to attend are huge, life-changing decisions," Hanson continued, "And it's my belief that the more information and input you receive from outside sources will only help you make better decisions as to which career is best suited to your personality and which of the career training paths is the best one to take."

Online Degrees Guide doesn't require any fees to use the site. It is a free resource for school researchers or anyone who is interested in getting information about schools and career training.

The site has details about many schools and includes contact information for all major universities, plus many of the larger community colleges, for-profit schools and vocational training schools.

Hanson had some advice for prospective students contemplating applying to a school, "Deciding what type of job or career you want is really the best first step to take. Once you know that, then you can really narrow down your choices of schools."

"For example," Hanson continued, "If you're pretty sure you want to become an accountant, you should try to get into the best school for accounting that you can afford. And it's not just that you may get a better education there, but schools that are known for producing good accountants will have better internship programs and they will have a lot more on-campus recruitment opportunities from employers. Participating in internships and being fortunate enough to have employers come looking for you are the best avenues for getting your first good job.

"Hanson concluded that students should make their own education decisions, "A four-year university isn't right for a lot of people. If you think your career goal might be to one day have your own plumbing business, there are specific vocational programs that will work much better for you than a traditional college. And they'll be a fraction of the cost, too."

Since opening in 2003, Online Degrees Guide has been a popular school information site for current students and potential students across North America.

Considering a Vocational School

Not every young person has to go to a big college.

Sure, a four-year education at a top college can be a wonderful thing. Earning an undergraduate degree, spending time away from parents, growing up, making new friends, trying to things, becoming an adult -- it all sounds great. But it isn't perfect for everybody.

First, some young people already know what they want to do with their lives, and it isn't something that a traditional university teaches them. And second, many young people either don't have the money to go to a four-year college, or they are committed to being a parent, being a caregiver to another family member, or they are needed to work a job that doesn't allow them to commit to a full time school.

Vocational schools are perfect for people in these situations. A vocational school allows you to get in and get the specific training you want. Then you immediately start in the workplace in your new career field. You can search vocational schools to see what is available in your city.

For more,

Graphic Design Careers

Are you thinking about a career in graphic design?

Talented art graduates can find great careers in the field of graphic design. There are plenty of opportunities for talented artists in the design and graphic arts profession.

Many businesses have marketing departments that are always searching for talented professionals. Advertising agencies and media organizations alike are looking for productive creative people. And you can be one of those creative people with a great job.

Do you believe you might choose an online university?

An online education program is just not the preferred direction for many students.

Plenty of individuals just learn better in a classroom than on their own.

Many individuals encounter problems with taking lessons where there is minimal structure. They find themselves committing not enough time on their lessons to successfully finish them.

Web based courses aren’t easy to finish. The courses will be difficult. They are simply just as tricky as traditional university in-class courses.

Only some fields of study are designed for online courses. Numerous subjects are best taught in a classroom where the enrollees and instructors are physically present.

You can visit University of South Carolina or go to a section from which analyzes this more.

It might be worthwhile to join a web-based program if the field of study you are looking at can be studied effectively via online lessons.

Or for some people who have job or personal duties that prohibit them from commuting to college or they don’t live near one, their sole option may be web-based programs.

Passing your individual classes and finishing your degree is what your main goal is. You should concentrate on your goal and work towards it.

It’s really wonderful to own a college degree. The majority of individuals who are planning on earning a college degree will sign up at their hometown college if there is one.

A school degree is worthwhile if you can earn one.

Think you don’t have the time to go to school?

If you’re like a great deal of other folks, your life can be pretty hectic, and you most likely feel you do not have the time to enroll for university classes.

One of the downsides about college is that students must commute to classes, and the majority of classes are only offered in the daytime.

As much as a person might want to act on earning their college education, if they have a full-time job they might struggle to show up at class sessions on a normal schedule.

And when you look around, you’ll find that the group of folks that are in this group is expanding each year.

Because of this fast growing category of men and women who find it difficult to attend standard classes, many colleges are modifying their culture and they are now offering classes at a much more accommodating basis.

In addition to presenting classes during the evening hours and on Saturdays, lots of universities will be offering classes online. These types of classes make it possible for participating students to complete the requirements of the course whenever they can.

This enables individuals to watch classes, work on their assignments, study and take tests whenever they want. They may complete their program commitments at any hour of the day and from wherever they happen to be.

For many individuals, this is the only method they would be ready to start the level of work necessary to receive a college diploma.

A number of fields of study are better suitable for web-based study than others are. Some subjects are taught more effectively in a classroom or in a hands-on scenario. Various things can’t be explained or demonstrated online. In contrast, a number of degree fields work pretty well.

University of North Texas and and this page show more info about these kind of universities.

Not all individuals are suitable for web-based education.

Some individuals just learn faster when they are part of a real planned setting. These individuals learn better when they’re instructed what and when to show up at class. This kind of plan keeps them on a plan and effectively forces them to show up at a class and be ready to do the homework.

Having their flexibility to decide whether or not to study suggests that they will not study enough, and they won’t have the enthusiasm necessary to finish their courses and their diploma.

Yet another good career field you could think about is the culinary arts field.

Some of the major participants within this field consist of cooks, caterers, bakers, restaurant managers and other sorts of supporting characters.

The culinary arts area has seen fairly solid expansion this past decade, and this expansion might continue on this way into the future as well.

Career opportunities for talented chefs remain robust, and many cooking school students should typically come up with a good first job.

On the list of primary causes of this is that people are eating at restaurants in big numbers. Eateries are constantly on the lookout for qualified chefs.

The majority of culinary arts jobs don’t demand a college degree to get started. The majority of professional chefs will not finish four years of college prior to entering this career field. Lots of people hope to begin working quick, so they register for a culinary program that they can finish fast and start cooking as soon as possible.

The working hours for this job may not be so great. A large number of the finest jobs involve working nights and weekends when restaurants are active.

Students study and practice the concepts of how a restaurant runs and they get skillful at working with knives and the other appliances of the commercial kitchen.

There are different topics culinary students will take courses in. Most of the courses may look at food safety, desserts, food buying, salads, meal preparation and more.

While some of the education is conducted in classrooms, the majority of it is done in institution kitchens built to function just like a commercial kitchen.

See Careers Through Culinary Arts Program or because both have additional information regarding these types of occupations.

A lot of culinary students will come up with a working internship at a local restaurant when they get near graduation. After graduation, they could secure employment with a restaurant, food caterer, or other food service organization, such as a school or hospital.

If you believe you could be a part of the hospitality industry, you should find out more info on it.

The culinary field is a field that is on the lookout for well-prepared people. Perhaps this is a career field you can consider.

Healthcare is one more great job you could think about.

The medical field is among the most robust job areas. Work prospects for health care professionals ought to stay strong as the volume of open jobs constantly surpasses the quantity of qualified applicants.

One of the primary reasons behind this situation is just demographics. Our nation is growing older and we have a growing number of older folks who will need some amount of health care.

An additional benefit of this field is that a person doesn’t need a four-year undergraduate degree in order to get started.

Although a great many nurses either finish a bachelor’s diploma just before beginning their career, or continue working on getting their diploma while on the job, a number of health-related specialists start off their careers with only a couple of years of proper education.

Nurses have different tiers of job responsibility.

There are Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree holders and even doctorate nursing programs, each with various formal education and training requirements and everyday employment duties.

It’s not easy working as a nurse. The daily work is challenging and lots of individuals just aren’t built for it.

Most pupils will learn very fast whether they can manage the kind of daily activities that would be asked of them as a working nurse. A nursing job will be messy and filled with emotion, and lots of individuals cannot perform those situations every single day.

Journals of Professional Nursing provides more specifics about health care occupation training and programs.

In addition to nursing, there are additional opportunities in the medical care field. For example, there are medical gear specialist coursework which train individuals to run and manage one of several common medical testing devices.

These types of technicians will have one on one contact with a variety of patients, but rather than delivering a range of all around treatment, they will focus on only one procedure.

The bulk of these medical-related tech jobs involve just a modest formal training program. Almost all the instruction programs are just modest, focused courses which last under two years, and many of them could be finished in a single year or less.

If you feel that you are meant for a career somewhere in the health care field, you should explore it. Maybe it is perfect for you.

Let’s look at a couple of the hottest web-based degree programs and careers today.

Web Design and Computer Animation Programs
Perhaps the most unique aspect of a degree in computer animation is the sheer diversity of options it allows you to explore. Computer animation programs offer training for multiple levels of expertise and a wide selection of tech-based and art-based courses that allow you to truly customize your education.

Typical courses students take include sketching, drawing, vector graphics, storyboarding, and other visual elements.

Interesting employment facts suggest that possible career paths include art director, multimedia artist and basic animator.

Potential salary estimates have hourly wages at over $30, and annual income at $63,000.

Employment is projected to increase over 10 percent in the years ahead.

The jobs are at game design companies, advertising firms, and Internet studios in major metropolises or online in a freelance capacity.

Formal training is important because competition is expected to be keen for premier positions, academic credentials and a quality portfolio earn you an edge.

Important tech skills include proficiency with the popular software animation titles.

If this sounds appealing to you — you should check further into it.

The details for this article resulted with input from Princeton University.

We are always interested in reading comments, even harsh comments, so be sure to send any you have.

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